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How Peebo Internet Marketing Works

Peebo is a new concept in Internet Advertising which uses Microsites (view Wikipedia's defination of a microsite), developed by a group of Search Engine Optimisation professionals who saw a need for small and medium based Businesses to have a cost effective Internet Marketing solution.

Having a Microsite for your business allows you to capture a wider audience for your products and services. The benefits of using our Microsites for your Internet Marketing is that each site is carefully developed around your key phrases and by using these Search Engine Optimisation techniques we are able to get excellent rankings in Search Engines and increase the visability of your business. Think of Peebo as a traffic injection for your website! You can view some of our recent business results on the right.

Internet Marketing with microsites work like online business cards which are optimised for all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Spending a portion of your internet marketing budget on microsites allows your business to gain extra coverage in search results and with so many businesses now on the internet it is essential that your business is not amoungst the thousands that are hard to find.

The difference with Peebo's Internet Marketing solution and many others is that we make full use of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.. Customers find your microsite by typing in keywords or phrases into a search engine that relate to your business products and / or services.

The added advantage of having a microsite as part of your marketing plan is that it double's your exposure in the search engine results thus doubling the chance of someone clicking on your listing. You could also use your microsite to target slightly different keywords that also relate to your products and/or services. This enables you to capture a much larger online audience than you would with just one website.

Our marketing concept is designed to accommodate businesses with or without a current website. If you are new to the internet and would like to get your business listed online with the major search engines then Peebo's Microsite Marketing is a great way to get noticed on the Internet, plus you get your own web address which you can use on any additional marketing material.

Internet marketing comes in many different forms including banner advertising, pay per click advertising and email marketing. Our Internet marketing solution uses "natural listings" which means you dont pay every time someone clicks on your website which gives you a much more cost effective marketing strategy.

Approximately 90% of businesses are found on the Internet via Search Engines so we consider it vital that your business stands out.

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Recent Business Results
These results are only a representation and businesses also rank in other keyphrases.
Schlencker Surveys
land surveys brisbane: Position 4 - View
surveying brisbane: Position 5 - View
Performance Pool Equipment
pool equipment brisbane : Position 5 - View
pool equipment gold coast: Position 3 - View
Classic Queenslanders
kit homes queensland: Position 4 - View
kit homes sunhsine coast: Position 6 - View
Permaseal Flooring
flooring cairns : Position 3 - View
flooring queensland : Position 8 - View
Regency Stone & Marble
marble benchtops brisbane: Position 4 - View
granite benchtops brisbane: Position 8 - View
Heavy Duty Motorcycles
used motorcycles brisbane: Position 3 - View
used harleys brisbane: Position 5 - View
Indigo Homes
steel home builder queensland: Position 1 - View
home builder queensland : Position 6 - View
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