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Microsite with Search Engine Optimisation only $399
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Microsite Features

Each microsite includes a Photo / Video, Business Profile and Contact Details, Services, Contact Form and two Website Links. We will help define your target market and compile a list of keywords and phrases to include into your Microsite.

Features list:

  • Your Own Peebo Microsite e.g.
  • Expert Search Engine Optimisation
  • Targeted Internet Marketing using compiled keywords
  • Double your chance of customers clicking your website or microsite
  • Target different keywords to your main website
  • Quarterly Statistics Reports* - Optional Extra
  • No Domain Registration Fees
  • No Web Hosting Fees
  • Extremely Cost Effective
  • Visable Return on Investment
  • See Your Listing Before You Paysting Before You Pay

Why Choose Peebo?

With so many companies claiming to perform miracles with your advertising and delivering nothing but empty pockets we understand when people are concerned about signing up with something new. We don't claim to do anything we can't deliver, that's why we are happy to set up your business with us so you can see it in action before you pay us anything.

We know whats out there and many companies charge hundreds of dollars a month for advertising services that can be achieved for a fraction of the cost. We have made our service affordable for every business as we believe it is beneficial for every business. Our results speak for themselves as you can see from some sample results in the right column.

Not only do we make sure your microsite can be found by potential customers but our system also acts as an aid for your existing website/s. The links from your Peebo listing back to your main website gives you extra points with Search Engines thus also helps sustain the rank of your main website. It also provides double the exposure for your business in search results which helps maximise the likelyhood of potential customers clicking onto your link.

Be quick to take advantage of this excellent offer!

You can contact us on 07 5580 3098 and we can run through some examples of how other businesses are benefiting from our unique Internet Marketing service. Or simply fill out our Contact Form and we will be in contact with you.

Recent Business Results
These results are only a representation and businesses also rank in other keyphrases.
Schlencker Surveys
land surveys brisbane: Position 4 - View
surveying brisbane: Position 5 - View
Performance Pool Equipment
pool equipment brisbane : Position 5 - View
pool equipment gold coast: Position 3 - View
Classic Queenslanders
kit homes queensland: Position 4 - View
kit homes sunhsine coast: Position 6 - View
Permaseal Flooring
flooring cairns : Position 3 - View
flooring queensland : Position 8 - View
Regency Stone & Marble
marble benchtops brisbane: Position 4 - View
granite benchtops brisbane: Position 8 - View
Heavy Duty Motorcycles
used motorcycles brisbane: Position 3 - View
used harleys brisbane: Position 5 - View
Indigo Homes
steel home builder queensland: Position 1 - View
home builder queensland : Position 6 - View
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