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Search Engine Optimisation Services

Apart from peebo microsites we also provide other internet marketing and search engine optimisation services including:

Custom Microsites

We can also develop custom microsites for your business to help achieve your internet marketing objectives. The beauty of a microsite is that it can be designed and launched with a lot of content within the space of a few days hassle free. Combined with the right search engine optimisation, microsites can be used for a variety of marketing purposes.

  • Serve as a destination or hub for a specific Internet Marketing Campaign.
    As your main website generally covers larger amounts of content, campaigns and promotions can often get lost in a main website
  • Focus on a specific topic, audience or action
    This becomes critical especially for businesses promoting more than one product or service. By focusing on one specific topic or product we can optimise your site for that specific audience.
  • Online Salesperson
    A Microsite can mirror the approach of your most successful sales person or rep, including the person’s style, language and approach, essentially creating a digital advocate who’s available 24/7.

  • Increased Traffic to your Main Website
    Using the correct optimisation techniques, microsites can also be used to capture slightly different keywords than your main website which generates extra leads.
  • Positive Return on Investment
    The beauty of microsites is they are completely measureable in terms of visitor statistics and lead generation. For the minimal investment required microsites have proven to be one of the most cost effective forms on Internet Marketing.

Search Engine Optimsation

We also provide search engine optimisation services for external websites.

Firstly, we'll carry out an audit of your website and the current search engine ranking you have in Google, Yahoo and MSN. We can then suggest what improvements must be made to each page (renaming, editing and reorganising content are all usually needed). We then research the appropriate keywords and phrases for your market place and determine which of all the key phrases relevant to your site people actually search for. We also research the online competition for the same key phrases to see where your site has the highest chances to be listed quickly and effectively.

As part of your complete Internet Marketing campaign we can also advise on Pay Per Click Campaigns and Email Marketing options for your business.

We pride ourselves on being a 100% results driven business so we consider it vital to get you results.

If you would like a Free Consultation on any of our Search Engine Optimisation or Micro Site services Contact Us Today!

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